It’s Been Long Since I “Chopped” My Body – Yvonne Nelson Reveals

Ghana actress and baby mama Yvonne Nelson has revealed that it’s been a year since she last had s3x a comment which somehow makes us think that truly she has broken up with her British photographer Jamie Roberts.

In a comment posted on the Instagram timeline of Hamamat Montia after she shared a post wishing her a happy birthday when she was celebrating her 30th birthday some few days ago.


Hamamat post read:

“Happy birthday Queen @yvonnenelsongh :
: I wish you lots of amazing sex and a big baby boy.
: let’s champagne soon: Meet @yvonnenelsongh #KingsandQueens:
My friend and Queen of Ghana Movies: She also loves our freshly handmade sheabutter @hamamatafricanbeauty #hamamat #sheabutter #worldwide#healthylifestyle #beauty #fashion #ghana#accra”.


The mother of one replied telling her friend that she had not had s3x in a year.

See screenshot below: