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Is John Cena Dead? Net Worth, House, Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Weight

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John Cena, born John Felix Anthony Cena, is an American professional wrestler, actor, and rapper popular for being WWE superstar. He was born to Carol and John Cena Sr. who are of French-Canadian and English ancestry and Italian descent respectively. John is the second of five sons with an elder brother named Dan and three younger brothers – Matt, Steve, and Sean.

He attended Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, Massachusetts but later transferred to Cushing Academy from where he graduated and moved on to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. While in college, he played on the school’s football team wearing the number 54, which till today, he still uses on some of his WWE merchandise. In 1998, John Cena finished from Springfield College, earning a degree in exercise physiology and body movement. Afterwards, he decided to pursue a career in bodybuilding, winning many competitions. He also worked as a limousine driver.

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In 1999, the wrestling champ began his professional career with Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) and won the UPW Heavyweight Championship in 2000. In 2001, he moved over to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later renamed World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE) and made his first appearance on the platform in 2002.

He has been very successful in his wrestling career with many victories to his name. John Cena has won 19 championships, 12 world titles (World Heavyweight Championship twice and WWE Championship ten times). He also earned 3 US Championships, 2 World Tag Team Championship (once each with Batista and Shawn Michaels) and 2 WWE Tag Team Championships (once each with The Miz and David Otunga). He also won two Royal Rumble Matches in 2008 and 2013 and in 2012, he won the Money in The Bank contract.

Not just boxed into the wrestling arena, Cena has also made a mark in Hollywood with movies like Ready to Rumble (2000), The Marine (2006), 12 Rounds (2009), Legendary (2010), The Reunion (2011), Scobydo WrestleMania Mystery (2014), TrainWreck, Sisters, Daddy’s Home and The Flinstones and WWE: Stone age Smackdown in 2015. John Cena was enlisted by FOX as one of the executive producers of the 2015 military reality show, American Grit.

He also appeared on some television shows like Manhunt, Saturday Night Live, Deal or Not deal and Fast Cars and Superstars, and the American tv series, Punk’d.

Is John Cena Dead?

The social media is an indispensable product of modern day technology used for communication and information sharing all over the world. It has contributed towards making the world a global village. Most of us get to learn about the daily happenings that take place all over the world through it.

However, there are controversial stories that circulate around the social media involving famous persons. Some of these controversial stories include the death of certain individuals, sometimes celebrities, sometimes famous politicians we know. One of these celebrities who has been a victim of a death hoax on social media is a very famous WWE wrestler John Cena, whom it was alleged, died on 7 September 2012. This got a lot of his fans scared and wanting to know if really the wrestling champion had passed on.

Major social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube contain messages stating that the wrestler died of a head injury that he sustained while trying to perfect a wrestling stunt in a practice session with a fellow wrestler known as Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock). Other rumours had it that the wrestler died in a car crash while travelling between Roswell and Morris town. The rumour stated that paramedics confirmed his death at the scene using a photo ID. Nevertheless, the rumours were false and below are several proofs to show that the wrestler is still very much alive:

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1. On his Twitter page, he dismissed one of his death rumours that he had passed on and said that it was all hoax. He personally thanked his doctor referring to him as a ‘super surgeon’. This was his response with respect to that prevailing rumour about his death. He tweeted and gave the people his word that he was going to do anything to be active again as soon as possible. In another response to a tweet, the wrestler denied being attacked and shot dead.

2. To all those who believed the rumour, the wrestler had an appearance on WWE RAW on 31 December 2012 saying that he was going to enter the 2013 Royal Rumble and made a promise to all his fans that he was going to become the WWE champion of the year. Later on, several other wrestlers confirmed their participation in the match. On January 2013, the Royal Rumble match took place and John Cena emerged as the champion. This match also took place on a date later after his death rumour hit the internet.

3. It was after the 2012 WrestleMania match when he lost his heavyweight title to The Rock that these rumours started. It is true that he might have gotten the injuries after this particular match but he got well and went on to challenge his fellow wrestler The Rock for 2013 WrestleMania match. He defeated the Rock to win redemption and regained his title. This particular match took place later after the wrestler had been rumoured dead.

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4. The rumour was only circulating on various social media sites and the wrestling governing body (WWE) did not officially announce his death. Quite contrary to other wrestlers who have passed on, the wrestling governing body usually announces their death and pays tributes to the wrestler as a sign of final respect. This did not happen and has never happened to John Cena since there was no formal announcement made by WWE to confirm his death. There still was no cancellation of the wrestling fixtures that he is supposed to participate in.

… Final Proof that He is Still Alive

5. It is true that he underwent bone chips surgery on his right elbow. John Cena’s personal physician Dr. Andrews made a statement to the WWE saying that the wrestler had a successful surgery and was recuperating. If truly the wrestler was dead, his doctor would have approved that of him. The doctor said that they were doing everything possible to make sure that he gets well and returns to continue with his career.

He has gone on to make numerous appearances in 2016 and 2017 and is also set to wrestle with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend, The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34, 2018.

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His Net Worth

John Cena is undoubtedly one of the most popular professional wrestlers presently. His net worth is estimated to be about $55 million. This basically comes from films, TV shows and WWE. Speaking of John Cena’s net worth, one of the famous editors and reporters of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer, he said Cena is almost earning $10 million per year from WWE.

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Also, according to a report by Meltzer reported in 2015, Cena was WWE’s top Seller of merchandise. This explains why the wrestler is worth so much. John Cena has, however, never confirmed his net worth publicly.


John Cena’s Wife, Girlfriend

John Cena announced his engagement to Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009 and on July 11th of the same year, they got married. Their union, however, lasted only about three years with Cena filing for a dissolution of the marriage on May 1, 2012. On July 18, the divorce was finalised.

The actor/wrestler soon found love again and began dating Nikki Bella, his fellow wrestler, from November 2012. They became engaged on April 2, 2017, when John Cena proposed to her at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, after their victory over The Miz and Maryse in an intergender tag team match at WWE’s WrestleMania 33.

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John Cena lives in his Florida, USA, home with his fiancee Nikki Bella. The house located in Land O`Lakes is a sight to behold and has a total square area of about 13, 153 square foot. It features a grand entrance which has been used mostly for the promotion of  Nikki Bella’s show the Total Bellas. The gigantic house also has six bedrooms, a cigar room exclusively for men, an interior and exterior swimming pool, a gigantic walk-in closet for his girlfriend Nikki and a guest house.

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Also part of Cena’s house is a casual living room furnished with a large luxurious sofa which lines one of the walls, floor-to-ceiling windows which offer a wonderful view of their garden and an array of different armchairs. There’s also a gigantic TV screen covering one of the walls while the rest of the available wall space is covered with art photography.

John Cena Age, Height, Weight

John Cena was born on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Speaking of his height and weight in a 2006 Khaleej Times interview he sais he was 6 feet, 245 pounds and also added: “And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6’1.”

The American professional wrestling star also has blue eyes, light brown and a chest, waist and biceps measurement of 50″, 36″ and 20″ respectively.

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