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I’m So Sorry; Have Mercy On Me And Forgive Me In Your Heart – Captain Smart Goes On His Knees.

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In a link attached to this article, Host of Onua TV morning Show Captain Smart went sober and apologised on his knees over what he has caused Madam Afia Akoto who is also known as Mrs Biney.

” Afia Akoto, my own Mrs Biney, please have mercy and let bygones be bygones. I’m compelled to apologise because I’m the cause of what is happening to you all over social media ” Captain Smart begged.

“In your heart, let it go. My reportage caused all the unfortunate trending. Once again I’m very sorry ” Captain Smart added in his plea.

According to Captain Smart, Afia Akoto is the Chief Executive officer of MASLOC. Yesterday he made a documentary about some MASLOC Cars rotting in the Bush. People took his report into a different perspective to ridicule Afia Akoto. While some people painted ridiculous cartoon pictures of the MASLOC CEO, others wrote unfortunate captions.

To Captain Smart, he is the cause of the embarrassment so Afia Akoto should let Peace prevail between them.

Should Afia Akoto forgive Captain Smart Considering how he threw her out for public ridicule knowing that his report was inaccurate?

Check out the link attached below to watch Captain Smart’s apology.


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