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If you’re rich, a woman will never cheat on you – Nigerian Lady says

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A lady has shared her thoughts on the much talked about topic of how to secure commitment in relationships.

The woman posited that if a man is financially buoyant, he would never find himself being cheated on by a woman.

She stated this via Twitter, writing;

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”If you’re rich, a woman will never cheat on you, period”


If you’re rich, a woman will never cheat on you, period.

— Natural Of Ibadan🦍🦍🦍 (@SamuelGalax) April 21, 2021

Although she seemed certain that her assertion was 100 percent correct, social media users begged to disagree.


@baddestcash_; Money doesn’t keep a woman. They will still cheat with a guy they will be funding with that your wealth

@sobadimu; She’s likely to cheat (because, as a rich man, you’ll be very busy and possibly travelling) but she’ll try as much as possible to hide it from you. But she won’t leave your house. No woman leaves a rich man for a poorer person. She’ll rather chop outside and ‘clean mouth’…..

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@AriEmpire_; It is just like saying if a lady is beautiful, her bf will never cheat on her.

@foxydnaa; i don’t think will smith agrees with this one

@SonofMuchacha; Lol. People don’t understand that it is not in your power in any way to control your partner cheating or not. If you like be rich, sexually powerful, religious, flexy, if she go cheat, she go cheat. If she won’t, she won’t. And vice versa.

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@_Thatfulanigirl; A cheat will alwz be a cheat, they are like thieves, they are never satisfied until they get caught, xo if u like hv billions if she have it in her DNA to cheat, she will graciously cheat on you and close leg like ntn happened






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