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“If You Want To Make It In 2021, Don’t Trust Anybody”, Yomi Fabiyi

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Many people do make it look as if their faith and success lie in the hands of another man. They always expect everything to be done for them by others, this Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi thinks is the undoing of people.

According to the actor, if an individual desires to be successful, it is imperative they start working their way through, rather than expecting things from people.

He also added that no one is to be trusted if one wants to succeed in 2021 as that would be suicidal if those people you trust do not make up to you.

To Yomi Fabiyi, without expecting anything from anyone or trusting anyone will help you make it in 2021 and beyond no matter what you have been through.

“I don’t know what happened last year or previous years. If you want to make it in 2021 and beyond, don’t expect anything from anybody and, most importantly, don’t trust anybody,” Fabiyi wrote on Instagram.

He added that this is an advice he is giving out there as a result of his own experiences in life. He has decide to speak out but others won’t and so it’s important that people pay close attention to what he’s admonishing.

“You can take this pieces of advice to the bank.

Some people from experience they speak, while some from experience they don’t speak,” he said.



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