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Waist beads are used for beautification in most African societies [Source/omgvoice.com]

Waist beads are a common African beautification paraphernalia. At the coast, they are commonly known as shanga.

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Despite the aesthetic value of shanga, these beads are also used to serve other purposes. You should pray that the woman you have and fancies shanga has adopted it solely for beauty reasons.

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There are women who confess using this special African beauty piece as love portion. One effect that the waist beads have on men is improving the sexiness of a woman.

Men being visual animals, they easily fall in this trap. Moreover, those who cherish witchdoctors pay them a visit to get special waist beads.

They attract men and no man leaves after sleeping with a woman who has invested in this ‘juju beads’. It is alleged that successful beach hookers use the power of shanga.

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A study done recently revealed that conservatives from the coast believe bara ladies have defiled shanga. They said that this was a special gift to one’s husband, which was adorned to the pride by her marriage tutor.

There were even instructions to women never to entertain ‘mipango ya kando’ while wearing the shanga. It was reserved strictly for her husband.

Unfortunately, it is now visible not only to lovers but also to the public due to modern scanty dressing.

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