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Identity And Photos Of Michael Owusu Alleged To Be Sir John’s Nephew Surface

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Michael Owusu has been the most search name on social media in Ghana since Sunday night.

The name Michael Owusu has been trending on all social media apps in Ghana after the Will of Sir John surfaced online.

The Will which looks very juicy shows how the former Forestry Commission boss shared all his properties amongst his relatives.

One of the big beneficiaries of the juicy Will is a certain Michael Owusu who is the nephew of Sir John.

With the Akan Matrilineal system of inheritance, Michael Owusu who is 1st son of Sir John’s big sister got the largest share of the inheritance which includes different acres of lands, fat bank accounts, Filling stations and miming companies.

As expected Social media have dug deep in their search of the Michael Owusu guy.

The search for Michael Owusu landed in USA, Nashville precisely.

The Michael Owusu whom Ghanaian Twitter users are alleging to be Sir John’s nephew is a handsome Ghanaian based in USA.

He is an American Football player where he is a linebacker for Vanderbilt Commodores, a team of the Vanderbilt University.



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