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‘I swear to reveal your crimes if you dare insult me again’ – Kennedy Agyapong

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On an interveiw few moments ago on TV, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong mentions how uncomfortable he feels in the society. I’ve been experiencing troubles from people across all walks of life and it angers me when I hear that, Kennedy Agyapong said moments ago.

This man insults me daily using voice notes and I have twelve dissing notes already. He is a Ghanaian based in the US, Honourable says. He pretends to be a good guy but he is not, he is a delivery boy in America at age 61. He has no respect for himself at this age and is still surviving on government pension money in the US. He doesn’t even have a proper place to sleep and he hawkers around Ghanaian houses in America. Honourable says.

I’m telling him that if he dares insults me again, I’ll expose his drug dealings in Italy all to the FBI in the USA. If he doesn’t shut up and keep his big insulting mouth closed, I’ll expose him and his life will never be the same. This man attends the SDA church in New York City and it belongs to a friend of mine. I warn him to stop what he is doing, Kennedy Agyapong speaks.

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong speaks once more.

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