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“I need a man I can share my wealth with as life is boring without a man” – Pretty rich lawyer cries out

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A beautiful young lawyer has given made it known that an accomplished lady without a man in her life is unfortunate.

The beautiful and young lawyer identified on Twitter as @Barrkhadijah_ has got a lot of people talking after she took to the microblogging platform to cry her heart out.

According to her, although she has advanced in career and made an appreciable wealth, she feels incomplete without a man she can spend some good times with.

“I need a man I can share my wealth with,” Barrister Khadijah Umar wrote on Twitter. “No matter what you attain in life, it’s so boring being without a man.”

Do you know something? What makes her tentative assertion interesting is the fact that most contemporary young women who claim to be feminists believe that pursuing a career and attaining wealth matter more for a woman than a man.



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