‘I love my hairy cleavage and proud of it’ – Hanna Bissiw

It will be recalled that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Women’s Organiser, Dr Hanna Louisa Bissiw, was trolled on social media for exposing the hair in between her breasts.

She had joined the NDC to support a demonstration dubbed ‘Aagbe wor’ organised by the Interparty Coalition for National Sovereignty led by PNC’s National Chairman Bernard Mornah.

Hanna Bissiw
Hanna Bissiw

After photos of the massive demo hit social media, some Ghanaians particularly members of the ruling NPP slammed her for exposing her hairy cleavage, with some terming it as “Tano Forest”.

But Dr Bissiw says what was shown in the pictures that had gone viral was not a risque move at all.

“I am telling the NPP supporters that snapping me, Dr Hanna Loiusa Bissiw, pictures and exposing the hair on my chest won’t affect me in any way. I am a hairy person and I am proud of it. I am very proud of the hair on my chest maybe they are jealous of my beauty,” he told Mugabe Maase on Inside Politics on Radio XYZ.

She added that ” I am beautiful and hairy, and I’m very proud of my hair no matter where they are.”

The former Deputy Minister of Agriculture said the mockery was not going to prevent her from criticising the Akufo-Addo government “that has failed Ghanaians” in diverse ways.