“I love beating, If my boyfriend doesn’t beat me in a day, I will be mad at him” – Beautiful Nigerian Lady

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A Nigerian Lady who goes by the Name, Lopex Morrissa disclosed on Facebook that she so much Loved beating from her boyfriend, that if her boyfriend doesn’t beat her a Day, she becomes Nervous.

Nigerian Lady
Nigerian Lady

She calls beating from Her boyfriend “Love Beating” and that it makes her relationship stronger with him. Here is what Lopex Morrissa shared on Facebook that got the Nigeria Online Community stunned and shocked beyond anything!

Nigerian Lady
Nigerian Lady

I love beating ?Infact beating is my medicine. If My Boyfriend ?doesn’t beat me a day, I will be so nervous throughout that day. Beating ?a day makes relationship grow stronger. We call it love beating ? Before you come here talking trash, is it your beating?”

Nigerian Lady, Lopex Morrissa Escandell Says On Facebook



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