I Left My Family To Come And Be With You But You Couldn’t Stand Up For Me – Michy’s New Note To Wale

Shatta Michy, baby Mama of Shatta Wale is living in regret now according to her own post. The ex-girlfriend of the dancehall artiste feels pained about how she was treated by Shatta Wale.

When she announced she was done with Wale days ago, she described him as an abusive person and said she was tired of pretending to be a happy person, when in reality, there’s no happiness in her life.

Michy Gh

The couple seem to have an on and off kind of relationship but with what’s happening now, we think, they might never get back considering the statuses Michy has been making lately.



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In a new post, she says she regrets abandoning her own family to go start one with Shatta Wale.

What hurt her most is the fact that, Wale couldn’t stand up for her when she needed him to be there for him.

It would be recalled that Michy accused Shatta Wale of sending her private photos to bloggers and till date, she leaves in fear as the blogger (thosecalledcelebs) in possession of such photos could leak it anytime.

She also disclosed that Shatta Wale does not trust that she’s loyal to only him and goes around asking her close friends if she’s cheating on him.

Shatta Michy
Shatta Wale & Shatta Michy

With all that is happening in the love life of the A-list musician, he’s come to realise he may not get Michy back and asked her to at least be friends with him, if she does not even want to date him again.

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Michy’s latest update on her Instagram stories read:

I deserted my family to build a family with ppl that couldn’t stand up for me & even as they grieve they’re still holding me down.

She posted again

My not so lil cousin told me “the most gangster thing you can ever do is to hold your family down”…couldn’t even argue with him

Well, there still some who feel Michy is pulling drama and that there’s nothing wrong in their relationship–Well, only time will tell but share in comments what you think.

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