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I Have Fasted And Prayed But This Desire To Sleep With My Own Father Is Not Going Away

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We all have urges that we know are wrong and impure. Hence, we try to exercise self-control because as the scriptures of proverbs rightly state, a person without self-control is like a city whose walls are broken.

Once again, a very controversial dilemma and confusion are on our laps. A young lady who is just 18 years of age has confessed her immense desire to have a romantic encounter with her father.

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She reiterated that the desire and urge persisted even after fasting and prayers. She explained that she sometimes gets very jealous of her mother and loves the wonderful physique of her father and how hard-working he is. The lady pleaded with social media users to assist her to get the impure desire from her soul because it’s draining her.

Taking the initiative to ask for help is a great step because she understands that the desire is impure and wrong. Let’s know what you think.

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