I Have Done A Lot For Fella Makafui And I Suspect She Has Used Juju On Me – Fella Makafui’s Sponsor Finally Speaks

The sugar in this Fella Makafui incident is too sweet if I don’t take care I may end up with diabetes.

Well, yesterday elikemthegossip.com reported a story where the angry ex-boyfriend of Fella Makafui ceased her cars and wine shop and also claims that she has performed three abortions for this ex-boyfriend.

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The filla on this Fella Makafui incident is getting interesting as her sponsor (ex-boyfriend) made some shocking revelations on Joy Prime today.

According to the sponsor, the mother of young actress Fella Makafui is aware that they are dating.

He added that he has done a lot of stuff for Fella Makafui including buying a house for her mother.

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He further indicated that he suspects Fella has charmed him with Nogokpo juju and he’s likely to investigate the matter.

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