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I feel sad for my father, I still love him – Daughter of Sikaduro father speaks

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The 11-year-old whose father tried to use for Sikaduro has broken her silence.

Yaa, the 11-year-old daughter of Evans Oppong, the Sikaduro father was spoken to the media.

.The young girl narrated how last Friday’s incident happened.

According to her, the father told her he’s taking her to a seamstress to measure her for a dress.

Strangely he drove her to a big house in a neighborhood she’s never been to.

When they entered the room, she saw King’s stool and golden staff so she thought it was a Palace.

She sat there quietly waiting as the father was doing something outside with the man they came to meet in the house.

Some minutes later, the police came into the house and that was when the man entered the room to tell her his father wanted to use her for money rituals.

Asked how she felt when her father was handcuffed by the Police, she said she felt sad for him.

She says though she now fear her father, she still loves him.

The girl revealed that she has good relationship with her father as she spends weekends with him in his house oftentimes.

She recounted how special he treats her on her birthday and the big birthday party he threw for her last year in her school.



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