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I Don’t Reconcile With People I Fight With-Delay (video)

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Tv host and businesswoman Deloris Frimpong Manso has made it clear that once she has a fallout with somebody, there is no going back.

Delay has sent a word of caution to people who openly insult her on social media and pretend to be friends with her in real life, that she does not tolerate such behaviours and that when she falls out with you over a fight, she never reconciles.

On a segment of her Delay Show ‘InstaGlam’, the outspoken presenter said she has noticed that people who beef on social media tend to collaborate on projects after they had insulted each other and sometimes the insults had affected their family members.

“I have made an observation that, in this industry, when someone wants to beef you, they start to throw shots at the person, if it is a musician, he or she will make a diss track and insult the other person, sometimes even affecting the person’s wife or family. The next minute you see the same person who insulted the other, collaborate on a project. [WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW]

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