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‘I Consider All Your Advice On My Relatioship With Fella As Foolishness’ _ Medikal(+video)

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Like play like play, Fella Makafui of YOLO fame has been able to successfully use her heavy backside to snatch rapper Medikal from grandma Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Derby

Most Ghanaians especially followers of the rapper on social media have advised him to stay with Sister Derby but it’s obvious there’s hope for Derby. In the voice of the advisors (social media users), Fella Makafui won’t take Medikal anywhere because Fella is nothing but a desperate opportunist.

Although Medikal has not openly said anything about his breakup with Derby in the media terrain but the rapper has indirectly replied his critics who’re mostly his fans in his newest remake or Cardi B’s ‘Money’ chart-topping song.

The rapper at the beginning of the song voiced emphatically that “Mo afutuo tantan no ɛyɛ mo sɛ mafa?” to wit, “You think I’ve taken into consideration your dumb advice?”

Like stated above, the rapper has not openly said anything about his breakup with Derby but per the lyrical content of the song, one doesn’t need a rocket scientist to decode the message – Ghana’s favourite entertainment blog has got you covered.

So, this presupposes that Medikal isn’t ready to listen to anybody pertaining to his relationship with Fella Makafui as well as his painful breakup with grandma Deborah Vanessa. Besides, Medikal always disables his Instagram comment tab anytime he posts stuff about his new love, Fella Makafui.



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