I can’t date small boy Rahim Banda; he is not my level-Yaa Jackson

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Kumawood actress, Yaa Jackson has described Rahim Banda as a small boy who does not befit her status when it comes to dating.

Dispelling rumors both are in love, the 17-year-old final year student of the Presbyterian Girls Senior High School (SHS) said she sees Rahim Banda as a brother aside him being a small boy and cannot be in a relationship with a novice.

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“Rahim is my brother and he is even a small boy. I don’t date small boys “, she revealed in an interview monitored.

She confessed dating a Member of Parliament (MP) but said she dumped him because the man refused to open a makeup shop for her describing the lawmaker maker she refused to name as “a John” a literal meaning for a fool in the local parlance she said must be ignored because he is history in her life.

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“I asked him to open a shop for him and he refused so I left him”, he revealed to Delay on her show.



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