“I Bought My Son A Range Rover & Benz, So What? Is It Their Money?” Mahama To Ghanaians

Former President John Dramani Mahama has called the bluff of Ghanaians who have sought to question him over the propriety of his decision to buy his 21-year old son, Sharaf Mahama a brand new Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz SLK luxury vehicles.

“I bought my son a Range Rover and a Benz, so what? Is it their money?” the ex-President retorted.


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The former President is livid that many have resorted to asking him about the correctitude as regards the profligate manner in which he bought a brand new Range Rover with a price tag of $100,000 and a Mercedes Banz SLK which cost him $56,000.

The former Ghanaian leader has bared his teeth to all those people who have had the cause to question his sense of judgement over his reckless waste of money on a frippery as a birthday.

The former President was reacting to the issue to a gathering a day after his son’s birthday in his abode, and he would not spare his critics as he tore them apart uncharitably as captured above.

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Stupefied with astonishment, some members of the gathering held their breath as they could not believe their eyes and ears about what the self-acclaimed meek Mahama said.

Another development which appeared to be bothering the gathering around the former President is the attribution that he has had his priorities misplaced as he has neglected Naadu Mills and the others who may need his support financially.

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The cash king is ever willing to spray his sons and other family members with monies when his party fathers and mothers are wallowing in abject misery and poverty.

Ben Duku

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