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I am going to speak the truth today- Kennedy Agyapong finally causes stir with this revelation

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Kennedy Agyapong Rescinds Decision To Quit Politics

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong, the member of parliament for Assin central spoke concerning certain issues in the early hours of today. Kennedy Agyapong is known as a person with a daily mindset of making money as he has personally revealed on several platforms. He has revealed that money making and beef seems to be some of his major or primary interests. Kennedy Agyapong is confidently counted among the few men of our land who have succeeded in business and counted among the rich.

Kennedy Agyapong despite his political status and a regular presence in parliament is seen on the regular going about his normal activities and working very hard regardless. This has pushed him to the top of the chart when it comes to hard working and successful persons in the country. Kennedy Agyapong has revealed on several radio and television stations that the only way through which he achieved all that he has achieved is through hard work.

Spaaking today on Adom media, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong with a very happy tone revealed that he was proud of some brothers of his who have made hard work their hallmark and are currently doing extraordinary things in the country. Though these people are also in the money making business together, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong saw the need to applaud the hard work of these personalities.

Speaking today, he revealed that he is thrilled with the commitment and consistency which Osei Kwame Despite has exhibited over the years. I am going to speak the truth today, this man is a very hard working man and despite his success and progress in life, he is still humble and I am proud of him– he revealed. Honorable Kennedy Agyaping revealed that he was thrilled with the way Despite had stayed consistent and works very hard to reach the height he has reached now.



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