Husband sneaks into hospital ward to make love with sick wife

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A Zimbabwean man who reportedly sneaked into his sick wife’s hospital ward to make love to her is currently in trouble.

It was gathered that the man, who is a prominent restaurant owner in the city was reported to have stormed the Masvingo Provincial Hospital around 03:00am to engage in a brawl of words with the hospital’s nurses in the middle of the night and insisted that he be allowed to visit his wife in the female ward.

According to reports, the man who has an abusive history eventually had his way in and went on to have sex with his wife, in the presence of 10 other patients in the ward.

Speaking to the nurses, the woman said;

“It was around 3am that patients who were disturbed by the noise coming from the ecstatic couple reported to the nurses that there was sex in the ward. The nurses summoned a security guard who got the man out of the ward.”

The investigation also revealed that the wife had told the nurses that her husband was abusive and she might be beaten if she refused to accept his sexual overtures.

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“I could not refuse to have sex with him because I could have been beaten in the presence of patients because he is very violent,” .



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