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How To Uses Alligator Pepper For Spiritual Purposes

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Every plant or herb created by God, has both spiritual and physical applications.

That was why the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was able to nourish Ada & Eve and also opened their eyes.

Having said, its important to know that by the rightful application of some spiritual knowledge, every plant can be used to solve some spiritual problems.

Alligator pepper is know as the water of the spirits. As it hard to cook without water, most spiritual works involve the use of the wonder plant alligator pepper.

Below are some of the things that aliigator pepper can be used in spiritually.

1). The cure of spiritual sicknesses/ diseases.

2).You can use alligator pepper to make prayers for favour.

3).You can use it to bless or curse someone (note ,you are not expected to use it for evil purposes.)

4).Alligator pepper is used to stop evil attacks & witchcraft activities.

5).It is used to stop bad dreams.

6)You can use alligator pepper for gun free protection.

7).You can use it to detect poison.

Etc etc etc.

So any time/ place you see alligator pepper, don’t take it common.



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