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How to use Mimosa Pudica leaves to overcome bad dreams, spiritual attacks and win favour.

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Mimosa Pudica is a plant that can be used to overcome bad dreams, spiritual attacks and win love favour from the opposite sex. It has different local names. In Ghana it is locally called “grandma, cover your yourself”. It is internationally referred to as “touch me not”, or Mimosa Pudica“. The plant has some tiny prickles.The leaf is very responsive to touch and other external stimulus. It closes the leaves as soon as it is touched and reopens after sometime.

This short article will explain how to use the Mimosa plant to overcome some spiritual attacks, overcome bad dreams and to win love favour from the opposite sex.

Even though there is no empirical evidence to back the spiritual power in this plant, it can help overcome bad dreams and fight against some spiritual attacks.

Lets set the ball rolling.

(1) How to overcome spiritual attacks with Mimosa pudica plant.

The Mimosa Pudica leaves is beleived to possess some spiritual powers even though it cannot be proved scientifically.This power can help to fight or overcome spiritual attacks.

The best time to pluck the leaves of the Mimosa plant for this purpose is early in the morning with dews on it. When you are ready to go for the leaves of the plant, bath and wash your hands. Don’t shake hands with neighbours or friends until you bring it home. Don’t touch anything after washing hands before you pluck the leaf from the plant. The reason being that, Corona virus can be transferred from your hands to the leaves if not washed properly.

Pluck some of the leaves gently and come home.When you reach home, put the leaves under your pillow and sleep on it till the next day. When you wake up, squeeze the juice from the leaves into a bucket of water and bath without soap. After bathing, every spiritual attack will be become powerless.

(2) How to use Mimosa Pudica to overcome bad dreams.

Mimosa pudica plant can also be used to overcome any bad dream in your life. Any time there is consistent bad dream, just pluck few leaves,wash them nicely and put them under your pillow and sleep over them. When you sleep over them, any bad dream will disappear and your dream will be sound.

(3) How to use Mimosa Pudica to win love favour

Mimosa Pudica can also be used to win love favours from the opposite sex. If any person want to win more favour from the opposite sex, he can apply the leaves from this plant. Just get some few leaves and wash them carefully and squeeze the juice in a bucket of water and bath. He can repeat the process every week. Surely, he win win more love and favour from people.

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