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How To Turn Your Lover On With A Massage(video)

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Ransford Afari, a licensed and well-experienced pleasure massage therapist, has given insight into how a man can properly massage his woman to get her aroused and ready for sexual intercourse.

He has already established in previous interviews that the brain is the first sex organ, hence for a sexual massage to serve its purpose of relaxing the woman and getting her aroused for sex, she must first be comfortable with it and give her consent for the massage to happen.

After this, the man can now proceed to oil her body as she lays in the prone position, that is, face down. The fingers, according to him, are the best part of the body to awaken sensitivity, hence the man must then begin to pass his fingers gently on her legs. In the beginning, “The lighter, the better”.

He explained that there are types of massage strokes like kneading, long strokes, hacking and tapping. He explained that tapping is a sexual act and this is why a woman can hold a man responsible for sexual harassment if he taps her ass without her consent.

Ransford mentioned that the spine is the part of the system that sends a message to the brain that what the woman is receiving is peaceful and that she is enjoying it, and this will now reflect physically when she begins to get wet.

He continued, “Tension in the body is usually at the upper part because for instance, when we go to work and sit down, we slouch behind our PCs and all the weight rests on the shoulders and the back so when massaging the back and shoulder area, you need to apply a little more pressure. Deeper pressure helps to melt knots.



Also, the lower waist or lower back is more sensitive because it has a direct connection with the belly button and the pelvic floor area so if you focus on that part, her wetness is well assured”. The pleasure massage therapist concluded that the buttocks also need focus during a massage because they are also made up of muscles and since we sit down for long while working, it is important to release tension in the buttocks as well. As the buttocks are also close to the thigh and vaginal area, massaging it helps to get the woman aroused and ready for penetration. [WATCH VIDEO BELOW] 

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