How to Join Illuminati in Nigeria for money – 5 Best Tips

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Today many people wish to become rich and famous and look for easy ways. Learn why so many folks wish to join the illuminati in Nigeria.


There are thousands of secret organizations in the whole world. Some of these organizations are opened others are private. For many years, since eighteenth century and until now, there is a single most well-known organization that has always been absolutely closed. It is called Illuminati. For long time information about howto join Illuminati in Nigeria or any other country was absolutely secret. People all over the world wanted to join this organization but only the best of the best were accepted. Since that time, a lot have changed. The Illuminati is still positioned as one of the most powerful organization and still many people want to join it. In our twenty first century of mass media’s progress, , even secret organizations become open.

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Now, the Illuminati has its own website, an account in Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram and Vine. Members possess themselves as both singular and plural and admit that modern world structure should be influenced and inspired by new members.

Possibilities of joining

A decade ago people believed that it is impossible to join the Illuminati if you were not born as a member of thirteen main families. Now, the structure of hierarchy has changed: there are not only thirteen main families but also many othes, named as families of different order.

Nevertheless, some things still did not change. The Illuminati wants to see only outstanding members in their rows. Here are some criteria the Illuminati have for becoming their member. However, you should be aware that this cult is not Christian. Joining it means rejecting God and Savor Lord Jesus Christ. In many cases you would be asked to perform various rhituals and get dedicated to the other “lord of this age”. It’s a direct way to parishment.


  1. Your income must be over $1 000 000 per year.
  2. You must have more than 500 000 acres of your own land (politically or economically).
  3. You must have a Centurion Black American Express card.
  4. You must have recommendation letters (in written form) from valid members of the organization (or to be their relative).
  5. You must have an impressive influence in business or entertainment sphere (politicians, movie stars, singers etc.).

There are also many cheaters and thieves working from the Illuminati’s name. They ask possible members to send their money and sell fake certificates of membership. The Illuminati is looking for these thieves and always asks to send the information if you were asked to send money.

Why the Illuminati membership is so desirable

Active propaganda of control over the world makes us scared. We do not want to be under controlled but rather in control of someone. In that case, any person can wake up in the morning thinking “I want to join the Illuminati”. It happens because of great influence. Psychologically every one of us wants power and the ability to impact people. To be a member of a huge organization is a great way to reach this target. Moreover, the Illuminati works as a hidden power because no one ever seen real and open activities of this organization. Anyway, it does not undermine people trust in their powers. Even if they did not have any power to begin with and even if everything was a great bluff, now the Illuminati has so many members in their rows they simply cannot be powerless. Surprisingly, despite the fact that Illuminati accept only rich people, they do not ask for any membership donations.

To join the Illuminati

  1. You should not pay any taxes or fees inside the organization.
  2. You should know and follow organizations’ rules and ideology.
  3. You should realize that all members are one family and all of them are brothers and sisters.
  4. You should wear a distinctive sign. It is a gold pendant, which looks like a star-shaped eye in the triangle with the round above.
  5. You should be loyal to your Illuminati family.

What does the symbol mean

  1. How to Join Illuminati – 5 Best TipsThe eye in the center means shadowing but not chasing. It is an axiom: the Illuminati know everything.
  2. The big triangle means the pyramid. This pyramid symbolizes different layers of society and the movement’s direction.
  3. The round on the top symbolizes eternity and eternal movement under the Illuminati’s control.
  4. The star around the eye symbolizes light and the beneficial intentions of the Illuminati.
  5. All together symbolizes control over the world and unity.

List of Illuminati’s beliefs

  1. Belief and Freedom.
  2. God and Satan.
  3. Abundance and Money.
  4. Value and Trade.
  5. The Illuminatiam Age.

Preferable members

As we have already said, you cannot join the Illuminati officially if you have not received an invitation. It is widely known information but if you surf the Internet on the subject of joining the Illuminati you find many messages with such text as “How can I join Illuminati” or “Help me to join” and also many people ask for money. Unfortunately, many people think that the Illuminati’s main interest is money. The organization itself positions its main target as control and leading to the beautiful future.

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Many people laugh at them or scam. The Illuminati does not pay any attention to such people and stay stubbornly consistent in its operation.

Tips to become a member

  1. Be very patient. Becoming an Illuminati member is a long process and it takes a lot of time spent on self-perfection.
  2. Get a degree from a respectful University, such as Harvard or Yale.
  3. While studying, try to enter such societies as Skull and Bones or Pen and Quill.
  4. Go for unattainable perfection and always try to realize your ambitions.
  5. Reach as many targets as you can and always set new ones, more complicated and harder to achieve.

The Illuminati’s features

  1. It might seem the illuminati distance themselves from common people. The goal is to emphasize their uniqueness and superiority.
  2. According to their words, the Illuminati help to save humans as species by controlling everything that happens in the world.
  3. There are the Illuminati organization’s branches in every country of the world.
  4. The Illuminati do not promote themselves as a religion despite their doctrine based on theology.
  5. The Illuminati is the most widespread set of ideological organizations in the world.

To sum up

The Illuminati deserves to be known at least for an impressive history and the ability to survive during the great changes in the world. This even makes the most skeptical people believe that it is not fake or bluff.

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  • the Illuminati insists on not asking to pay for membership. They explain this as a gratitude for personal achievements. Membership is positioned as a great pride and honor,
  • the Illuminati chooses their members independently and send out private and exclusive invitations but everyone can try to receive such invitation by filling the form on their website,
  • the Illuminati connects and unites only the worthiest. That is why you have to be rich, famous and powerful unless you are a member of the Illuminati’s member family,
  • if you want to know how to join Illuminatiin Nigeria or any other country, the best advice is to be patient and confident in your powers. If you were offered a membership from the Illuminati, it means that you are a very successful and powerful person.
  • nevertheless, you can always follow the Illuminati’s ideas, goals and ideals without being an official member. The Illuminati value loyalty.

Anyway, targeting to an Illuminati membership lead you to be more confident and successful, only if you will not fail to stop on the ideology idea like a fanatic.



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