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How friends became brothers: The story of Kwame Despite and Dr Ernest Sarpong

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“One steadfast companion is worth 10,000 family members.” This astute saying by Euripides in a real sense embodies the inflexible and resolute relationship of two men who turned out to be so close and enamored with one another to the point that they obscured the lines among kinship and family. 

Just a week ago, the CEO of Special Ice drinking water, Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong uncovered that the proprietor of Peace FM, Osei Kwame Despite isn’t his natural sibling as is generally seen.

It is a disclosure that will come as a major stun to numerous individuals on the grounds that for such a long time they have been alluded to as siblings and which is all well and good.

The two are frequently seen together, have fabricated a few undertakings together and in a real sense do everything together.

For quite a long time, standard Ghanaian media have alluded to the two as siblings from a similar mother and father.

In any case, it ends up, the incredible bond they share began as a client customer relationship which bloomed into a fellowship that is indivisible to such an extent that they have become siblings.


Talking on Joy FM’s Personality Profile checked by GhanaWeb, Dr. Ofori Sarpong said despite the fact that he and Kwame Despite share various guardians, he will consistently allude to him as his sibling.

“We are not related however until further notice I will say that we are connected. You don’t need to fundamentally consider somebody your sibling since you come from a similar mother or father. I mean we grew up together, work together, we think together and do everything together, and have around five or six organizations together so he is my sibling”.

Asked by show have Lexis Bill about how the two met, Dr. Sarpong related with affectionate recollections saying, “he used to exchange with us, I mean he used to purchase stuff from our shop (the privately-run company). He used to purchase fighter shorts, singlets, T-shirts and each clothing you can consider. It is through that we turned out to be generally excellent companions.” The two have been companions for the most amazing aspect of the most recent thirty years and are joint proprietors of Best Point Savings and Loans, UTV, U salt and numerous others.

The two are additionally noticeable individuals from the East Legon Executive Business Club which includes probably the most cultivated men dwelling in that piece of the city.

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