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His death is on the way and it will be shameful- Archbishop Duncan Williams hints

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The powerful man of God, Archbishop Duncan Williams has made another powerful declaration. The founder and leader of action Chapel International is known for incredible and insightful sermons and has once again given a powerful sermon in which he made certain powerful statements.

Christianity is falling off the edge because certain things are destroying or pulling down the people of God.

We are more interested in doing things that pleases men and are comfortable to the soul but forget to do things that are of interest to God. The man of God preaching on Dominion television revealed that any enemy in any form that is tormenting or bringing down the people of God and preying in their success will end.

His death is on the way and it will be shameful– he stated. He proclaimed that the death of the enemy is on the way and it will be shameful for all to see. He continued by encouraging the members to do as much as they can to keep the devil out of their reach. Prayer is the only key to battling forces and hence everyone should take his prayer life serious.

It is true because as a Christian, the only way you can communicate with your maker is through prayer. It is important that we keep in touch with our maker and we can do this mostly through prayer.



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