Here are 8 quick sex life hacks you must learn

Long and sensual sex is a great option for a night of love. But sometimes we have more desire than time, so it’s useful to learn how to enjoy sex and make it as quick as possible. Here are few quick sex facts from you need to know.

Find the right position

A correct position for quick sex is a comfortable position. If you fantasize about your girl jumping on you with both feet, then perhaps you should know that some dreams are destined to remain dreams. At least unless both of you are professional acrobats.


The first option is doggy style. Good, old doggy style never fails. It doesn’t require any special skills. Besides, in this position, your partner can stimulate the clitoris. If you’re about the same height, there’s another option: you can do it while standing, but here, you need some experience first. It’s hard to move if you’re a guy, so it’s better to practice in a calmer atmosphere.

And finally, there’s the rider’s position. What’s it good for? If you both of you suddenly feel naughty somewhere in the forest, then the risk of sitting down bare booty on an anthill will only be yours, and your girlfriend will be safe.

Don’t get undressed

When having quick sex, time is of the essence. If undressing takes more than a minute, there is a risk that all desire will disappear and passion will die out as suddenly as it appeared. Luckily, most skirts and dresses seem to be designed to make it easier to have a quickie without undressing. And if you decide to have sex in a public place (which we don’t recommend, of course), then such clothes, combined with the rider’s position, will also help you hide from prying eyes.

Turn your imagination on

Quick sex doesn’t imply spending 15-20-30 minutes warming up, so most likely, both of you will have to work hard to turn on. Use the naughtiest fantasies that can come to your mind at this moment. It’s not only you who can benefit from it: the more aroused your girl is, the easier the process gets.

Keep lube at hand

Even if you have some with you, it still may not be enough, and the whole process can be spoiled. Seriously, there are not so many things that can be compared with “dry sex.” It’s like using sandpaper instead of toilet paper. So unless you’re going to have quick oral sex, be sure to have a small tube of lube with you.

Ways to retreat

You still have to come up with a “retreat plan” in case your parents suddenly return home, for example, or the stewardess starts knocking on the toilet door to warn that the turbulence zone begins, or the bear comes out of the bushes and goes straight to your tent. In other words, no matter how romantic the idea of fast sex seems, it’s better to do it without witnesses. What does it mean? Don’t have sex near your front door if your mother-in-law is about to come and bring your kids from the park.

Find the right place

A lot of quick sex stories end with people getting caught. Don’t have sex in crowded places if you don’t want the same happen to you. It’s best to find a place that’s both open and secluded, like a car with tinted windows. In the end, there are a lot of secluded corners in your apartment. Watch for the inscriptions like “Danger, high voltage” and “Painted.”

Plan spontaneous sex

Yes, it doesn’t sound very fun, but believe us: the best spontaneous sex is scheduled spontaneous sex. Sure, you don’t need to think out anything to the last detail. Having a general idea of when, where, how (and with whom) will be enough.

There’s moment for everything

The worst enemy of spontaneous and quick sex is fatigue. Such sex takes away more strength than “normal” one. So, if your partner returns home after a 12-hour shift, and you haven’t had a weekend in a few months, then maybe it’s better to save the idea of quick kitchen sex for another day.