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He will not win- Archbishop Duncan Williams boldly makes a powerful revelation about the election

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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has spoken again. The upcoming election is a few days away from the month of November. The 2020 general election which is supposed to take place on 7th December 2020 is much anticipated by almost Ghanaians. This election has caused more stirs in the country as compared to many elections that have been witnessed in the country.

Ghana is known as one of the most peaceful African countries and hence violence is one of the things which is least expected. However, the recent violence exhibited by some people of James Town with regards to the Npp and Ndc confusion has called for the need for election attention and peace. Many Ghanaian leaders aside frowning upon this act by the people of James Town have also seen the need to campaign for more peace especially now that election is just at the corner.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has made a powerful revelation concerning what Ghanaians will do and what God’s plans concerning the election are. Speaking on the Dominiontv today, Archbishop Duncan Williams revealed that the election is not an election which will be decided by man. It is an election to be decided by God and him alone. He revealed that though man will cast his votes, it is God that makes a president.

He further added that election violence should be the least of anyone’s thought because this great nation is greater than election or anyone’s interest. He stated that if God does not want a candidate a president, then he will not win. Every decision is predetermined or predestined by God and therefore we should accept any win with a good heart because it is just as God himself has planned.

He further added that the best anyone can do for his or her candidate is to go out and peacefully cast their votes and come home. And as they do this, everyone should remember the country and election in prayers. So that peace will continue to reign. His words have caused massive stir today as Ghanaians praise him for the powerful message which he has finally made to promote peace.

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