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Hajia4Real Gives NPP’s Chairman Wontumi 24 Hours To Apologise To Her For Defamation Else She’ll Sue Him

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If there is anyone in the world who doesn’t want and cherish her peace of mind then it’s socialite Hajia4Real and whoever pushed her to hire Lawyers to issue a statement to NPP’s Chairman Wontumi demanding an unqualified apology from him over what she terms as derogatory comments.

Hajia4Real should have gone ahead and sued Chairman Wontumi because, from the sound of things, there is no way he will sit on his radio station, swallow his pride and apologise to her.

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Hajia4Real’s statement demanding an unqualified apology from Chairman Wontumi is on the heels of allegations that President John Mahama’s brother, Ibrahim Mahama, bought her a Range Rover and mansion on her birthday a few days ago.

According to Chairman Wontumi, Ibrahim Mahama snatched Hajia4Real from Kenpong.

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But from Hajia4Real’s statement, whatever Chairman Wontumi said is false and should be regarded as trash.

After 24 hours without an unqualified apology, Hajia4Real will put some money in the pockets of her Lawyers and sue Chairman Wontumi for defamation of character.

We cannot wait for this lawsuit!

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Hajia4Real posted the statement on her Instagram page and added this caption;

“It is only in Africa that some men think that women are incapable of achieving success independently of men. This nonsense must stop now!!! And I am willing to fight for this cause for myself and for other women of our land. #womenarecapable”.

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