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God Is A Transgender Like Me-Angel Maxine (video)

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“If I am a transgender then God is a transgender” These were the words of musician Angel Maxine during an interview he had at joy prime.

The musician who came into the studios of Joyprime to speak about the recent LGBTQ+ issue that is currently been debated over by Ghanaians revealed that he was created in the image of God therefore God also is like him.

According to him, tho many may claim that he is blaspheming, he can boldly say that he is just like God there needs to be respected for his choices in life.

Angel Maxine’s mother recently took on MP for Ningo Prampram Hon. Sam George, as she called him out for leading the course for the passing of the anti LGBTQ+ bill in Ghana.

According to Angel Maxine‘s mother, she really suffered when giving birth to her child therefore she would support whatever that she chooses to do regardless of whatever people think or say about her.

Watch the interview below;



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