‘Ghanaian ladies don’t apologise whenever they are wrong’ – Ghanaian men Cries Out

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According to the readers of, Ghanaian ladies don’t apologise when they are wrong.

It was result of a survey we conducted via our Facebook page last week.

Followers on our social media page were asked a question: “Do Ghanaian ladies apologise when they are wrong?.”

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The poll garnered over 200 comments and majority of the readers said Ghanaian ladies don’t apologise when they go wrong. has a following of over 900 thousand on Facebook. The outcome of the poll clearly depict what normally goes on in one’s relationship.

Read below some of the comments from our readers:

Nana Akosah wrote, “Nooo..why should they? They will only apologize when they need something from you. They will even show you their crocodile ties as if they’ve regretted but within them, they will be laughing.”

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Sylvester Oppong commented, “They won’t ooh , in the night they will sleep beside u naked … The bro will end up apologizing.”


Moses Gyimah also commented, “Most Ghanaian ladies do not accept their fault when they go wrong left alone apolzogizing in marriages and relationships. But I think if God bless you with such lady find a way to let her know her fault in a nice way and most importantly apologize when you the man goes wrong so she can learn.”


Awuro Fygo Masahudu stressed, “Women will never apologize. I don’t think their ego will allow them do, instead they look for a way of trying to get a fault from you too so that it notifies wat they’ve done.”

There are a lot of lessons to be learnt in a relationship. With pride, no relationship can be successful, a partner should be ready to apologise if he or she goes wrong.

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With poll, it clearly shows how ladies have lost their men because of a simple apology.



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