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‘Ghanaian Christians Are Wasting Their Time, Christ Never Died For Us’ – Popular Kumawood Actor


It seems everybody in Ghana has a different view about what Christianity is all about. Every passing day, we hear different manufactured theories, and this time, we have one from one popular Kumawood actor, Sylvester Agyapong.

The actor has vehemently stated that, he is not a Christian, and in his view Christ did not come to die for Ghanaians as many people in the country have forced themselves to believe.

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He claims that, Jesus Christ stated in the Bible that he came for ONLY the Israelites and no other race or group of people who have emerged afterward.

Asked if his claim meant that top men of God like Duncan Williams, Mensah Otabil and others have all lost their way because they have been preaching as Christian pastors, he gave an emphatic yes answer.

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He disclosed that, he does not understand know why many people who have attained some high form of education usually go to some churches headed by uneducated men of God and ask them to explain the Bible to them.

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