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Fortune Teller reads tarot cards and delves deep on what Asamoah Gyan did to Castro

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A self acclaimed fortune teller has resurrected the aged long Castro disappearance issue.

A self acclamation fortune teller has resurrected the yet to be solved puzzle about musician Castro’s disappearance.

Gangster Virgo Moon Goddess, the fortune teller read her tarot cards and started talking about Asamoah Gyan and Castro.

The lady says there was a push in how Castro disappeared on the Ada river and a blockage.

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From the video currently circulating on social media, the fortune teller is blaming Asamoah Gyan for Castro’s disappearance on the Ada River.

At one point she was speaking gibberish and then switched to lament on how a man defiled her little girl but justice wasn’t served.

You could feel pain in her voice when she was recounting how the laws of Ghana failed to bring her little daughter justice when a certain Isaiah abused her.



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