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Focus On The Intentions Behind Gifts And Not The Gifts-Miss Tourism Advises

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Christmas is here again and as it is the period to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, many people all over the world exchange gifts whilst making merry in the season and this year is no different. However, somple people receive very expensive gifts whilst some do not.

It is on this that Candybell Reider Kensah, winner of Ghana’s Miss Tourism International beauty pageant, has commented that ladies should focus on the intention and thoughtfulness behind gifts that their boyfriends get for them during this festive season and not the value.

In an interview with host, Mercy Bee on the Girl Vibes show on eTV Ghana, she advised that if a man does not buy expensive gifts like cars and the likes for his girlfriend, it does not mean that he does not love her. According to her, everyone’s financial strength or capability is different, hence the fact that someone’s boyfriend did it does not guarantee that your boyfriend can do same.

Candybell shared a story of a girl who was allegedly poisoned at her birthday party by her own friends simply because she received the then-latest iPhone model as a birthday gift and they were envious of her. “We have to understand and appreciate any little thing that we get. I think we should focus more on the intention or the thoughtfulness behind the gifts we receive rather than the value of the gift,” she further concluded.


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