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Female celebrities whose name have popped up in Moesha & Ibana HIV scandal

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Moesha Budong

Ghana is getting hot for some branded “Ashawobrities’ as a new Snapchat Blogger by name ‘fatpu$$y005’ now “Karma Is A Bitch Called Fatpuss” has started her exclusive leaks.

Moesha & Ibana started to make a trend after the highly confidential Blogger revealed that the latter had infested the former with an HIV.

The lady claims Moesha Boduong was paid GHS10,000 the very first time she had unprotected se*x with Mr. Aik Livingstone Ibana. But she has since had several unprotected se*x including orgies and Anal threesomes with the man and his friends.

Moesha few hours later came out to deny the rumors stating that it is just borne out of hatred and jealousy.

In a new trend however, more names have been added to the list of women that has had their body infested with the deadly virus by Ibana.

Anita Akuffo, Tracy Mireku and Juliet Ibrahim are the new names on the list.

We are monitoring all latest news on this and we will report them to you, our cherished followers.

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Mr. Aik Livingstone Ibana
Tracy Mireku
Anita Akuffo
Moesha Boudong
Juliet ibrahim

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Watch Screenshot Below:

Female celebrities whose name have popped up in Moesha & Ibana HIV scandal

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