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Fella Makafui wears ‘butt enhancer’ and has rashes -Social media users

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Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui known for her role in popular tv series YOLO has been in the news lately and this time around, social media users are criticising her for wearing fake butt enhancer.


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Is it true dat…Fella left her butt lifter and ashfoam home??? 🙄🙄🙄eeeiii enemies..mo Kasa ooo 😄😄

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Fella Makafui was seen in a photo hugging her musician boyfriend, Medikal with her backside facing the camera and social media users are of the view that her backside in this photo is different.

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Fella Makafui and Medikal

One popular Instagram page called those_called_celebs wrote that “is it true dat…Fella left her butt lifter and ashfoam home??? eeeii enemies ..mo kasa ooo” 

Another social media user, jayoyibo shared the same view that Fella left her fake butt enhancer at home.

He wrote; “That’s exactly what I thought!”

Also, another person claimed that the actress boyfriend, Medikal was the reason behind the sudden change in the size of her backside.

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Madonclick wrote; “Medikal reduce Fella back oooh…He dey overuse the engine…Lol”.

Abyna_precious also stated that she felt it was another girl Medikal hugged because the backside was different from Fella’s own.

She wrote; Hahahaha I was about to ask mpo oo. I thought it was some hen bi with coloured hair that Medikal hugged oooo

queenmirah also wrote; I thought Medikal was hugging Darko Vibes ooo. Fella’s back na dendenden saaa no. Ayooo lemme pass wai

Fella Makafui

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However, some social media users didn’t only see the reduced backside of Fella but also some rashes and pleaded with Medikal to get her shea butter to treat the rashes.

_nana_afia: So didn’t Mr hat see her back. Aberante3 t) shea butter ma girl no wai na her back is not not kraaa

nanayaacandylips also wrote; Abeg wats on Fella’s baq? Is that 3kor) or what? Ewwww. It seems she’s got some rashes there oo 

Fella Makafui and Medikal in recent times do not fail to express and flaunt their love on social media and has got people talking.

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