FDA Boss Releases Mama Gee, Returns Her Products And Buys Her New Car

Mama Gee’s charm is surely not from Ghana but from Benin. She was arrested just days ago after her exploits in the lives of slay queens in Ghana was seen on social media.

his particular miracle attracted the food and drugs board to pay a surprise visit to her company. From their investigations, her products were not registered.

This particular error in documentation attracted her arrest. However, latest information reaching our office now indicates that Mama Gee is not only a free woman but back to her work as usual. According to our Journalist, Kofi Yehowah, the CEO of Food and Drugs Board (FDA) has not only released Mama Gee ( the saviour of slay queens in Ghana) but also rendered apology to her.

As if that wasn’t all, the FDA also went ahead to buy her a brand new car as compensation. At the moment, we are still investigating what really happened and she was given all these items. We will keep you updated as usual.