EXPOSED!! This List Of Nollywood Actors and Actresses Are Allegedly HIV Positive (Photos)

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HIV and AIDS are among the most dangerous illnesses of the 21st century. The disease does not choose, and we hear more often news about celebrities with HIV all over the world. Nigeria is not an exception, there are many notable people with HIV in Nigeria. Checkout Nollywood actors and actresses who are HIV positive, at least were reported to have such status. Find out who has confirmed the information and who denied all the rumors about being HIV positive.

As we all know, there is still no cure for AIDS, but celebrities with HIV can live a more or less normal life with regular treatment. When talking about African countries, AIDS is killing a lot more people than in the USA. So, who are Nollywood stars who are HIV positive and what are their stories?
Adebisi Alimi was about to become one of the most popular Nollywood actors, but his acting career was interrupted by a story about his personal life. In 2004, he shared his story about being G.ay speaking up for the rights of the LGBT community.

Later that same year, he was diagnosed with AIDS. The endless troubles have begun. Adebisi lost his roles on TV and stage, was beaten two times and was almost shot in the head. He later moved to the UK where he founded Bisi Consultancy, an organization engaged in developing social policy recommendations for LGBT communities.

Hanks Anuku is one of the most popular Nollywood stars who has acted nearly 150 roles. Mostly, he acted in action movies playing gangsters and bad boys due to his tough look. Hanks Anuku was born in 1960 in Nigeria. He built a career in the USA, but in 2000 he returned to Africa.
The actor was accused of being HIV/AIDS positive. Anuku has refuted the report calling it a total lie.

In 2010, the news began to spread on the Internet that famous Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu was diagnosed with HIV in the final stage of the disease and that she has been on medical surveillance.

A certain magazine even published a story told by a source who pleaded anonymity but was known to be a former employee of the Nigerian Medical Research Center, Yaba, Lagos. The source, reportedly hinted that the famous actress is HIV positive and the progression of AIDS caused kidney problem and other health issues.
However, according to reports by premiumnewsng, the actress confirmed that she did not have AIDS in an interview with Premium Times.

Nollywood actress Ms. Cossy Orjiakor was also reported to have AIDS. Many not very polite Internet users said that were not surprised because the actress is famous for leaving quite a controversial life. Many sources spread news platforms alleged that Cossy Orjiakor works as a secret escort for top Nigerian politicians.

Cossy Orjiakor denies her HIV status rumour.

Many Nollywood actors and actresses are often alleged to have AIDS anytime they appear sick. However, in almost all cases, these celebrities are humans too, they sometimes have illnesses or diseases, including life threatening ones. Learn more about HIV/AIDS and stay healthy!




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