EXCLUSIVE: One Man’s Meat IS Another Man’s Poison_Keche Andrew To Medikal

There’s a saying that one man’s poison is another man’s meat. Well, that’s the case of Keche Andrew as he’s now taken over or about taking over Medikal’s ‘poison’ Sister Derby.

A source close to the Keche made this shocking revelation to Ghana’s favorite entertainment blog moments ago that, Keche Andrew and Sister Derby met few months ago at a Car Wash event where they ‘vibed’ and exchanged contacts.

Sister Derby

According to the source, Sister Derby and Keche Andrew grew fond of each other but because Medikal was in the picture, the two couldn’t make any move. But now that Sister Derby is single and the obstacle (Medikal) is no more, the two are talking things over to get into a relationship

Sister Derby who now feels betrayed and broken-hearted, will surely go into this relationship with her mind and probably keep almost everything of theirs private to avoid any sort of embarrassment should there be another breakup.

To confirm this, we realized Keche posted a picture of Sister Derby with the caption, One Man’s Meat IS Another Man’s Poison.

Keep coming back for more as we’d keep you updated on how things are turning up for Sister Derby and her new ‘alleged’ boyfriend-to-be. Here is the post by Keche few hours ago on Instagram: