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Bet on esports at 1xBet and Win More Supporting Your Favorite Gamers

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If a few years ago there were not so many people that knew what esports are, the situation has dramatically changed nowadays. What started as a competition between groups of gamers at the local internet cafe is now responsible for a multi-million industry and so much popularity that stadiums are packed whenever a big event is announced. The gamers have the same status as sports celebrities and there are also live broadcasts of the matches, with commentary and everything.

The extreme popularity of esports has attracted interest from the betting companies as well and it’s one of the leading betting companies – 1xBet – that offers a very diverse range of bets and odds for all the esports competitions.

1xBet was established in 2007 and in the 13 years it is active, it has expanded its services in over 50 countries. Not just that, but the company is always looking to innovate and improve the way betting takes place. One way to do that was to extend the betting offer well beyond traditional sports. They have incorporated bets on TV shows, celebrities, politics, international awards, and much more.

With such a diverse offer of betting markets, it was natural that esports could not be absent. At 1xBet you can find all the popular esports and all the competitions organized for them. More than just giving you a diverse offer of esports betting, 1xBet also follows-up with live streams so you can also watch the clashes between your favorite teams. Doing so, you can make more money online by placing informed bets. And if you’re still not convinced that 1xBet is the best place to bet on esports, you need to know that the betting company has several partnerships with esports teams. The most recent one made them title partner of Natus Vincere esports team and before that, they had collaborations with teams like HellRaisers, Cascade esports, CIS esports League or Gambit esports.

The complete list of esports your can watch and bet on includes the most popular CS: GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Warcraft III, PUBG, Starcraft II, FIFA or Fortnite. All the matches during the major tournaments or the qualifying sessions are available at 1xBet so you won’t ever miss a thing.

Watching your favorite matches on live stream is complemented by the  that allows you to track multiple live events simultaneously and bet on them as they go.

Of course, betting is a lot more enjoyable when there are also prizes to be won. Besides what you win from your successful bets, you have a chance to get Xbox or PlayStation consoles, joysticks and all sorts of gaming accessories that will make your experience even better.

By downloading the official 1xBet application on your mobile phone you will be able to keep track of every esports match that is of interest to you. No more worrying that you won’t be near a computer when the match starts, just take the phone out of your pocket and place your bets to make money online.

Even if you’re not into esports betting, this is an excellent time to start getting familiarized. This phenomenon hasn’t reached its widest phase yet as there are talks about including the discipline in the Olympic games someday so there’s plenty to look forward to. At 1xBet you have everything needed to understand esports betting and improve your chances of winning. Create an account right now and win big!




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