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Emelia Brobbey Shares Story OF how She Switched From Agric teacher To Actress

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Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey, has shared her story on how she moved from being an Agriculture Science and Ghanaian Language teacher to a successful actress in the industry.

According to the beautiful actress, she is a qualified teacher who had her certificate from Kibi Presby Training College after which she was posted to Obuasi JHS complex where she was teaching Ghanaian language and Agricultural Science.

On how she ended up being an actress, she stated that it all started when some actors and movie producers came to Akim Oda on their way to the burial of the late Bob Santo. Emelia explained that since she comes from Akim Oda, she was standing in front of her house when she saw them and approached an actor in the person of Daniel Adeleye and told him she wanted to act.

She was told to come to Kumasi and since the distance from Obuasi to Kumasi was short, she went for her first auditionon that got her a role in a movie titled Tribal War. According to her, after her first movie role she was going out of the class and asking for permission too many times to shoot movies so she decided to write to GES telling them she was no more on the field so they stopped paying her.

Emelia Brobbey went on to state that she relocated to Kumasi and found a private school to teach where she could move easily to go and shoot. It got to a point  where she realized she was wasting the kids time and it was time for her to choose between the two and she opted for acting even though it was not really paying at the time.

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