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Elikem And I Recorded Moesha’s PA But Don’t Who Who Leaked It – Salma Explains (Video)

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Salma Mumin has set the records straight on the leak audio chat of her conversation with Nelson, the PA of Moesha Boduong.

Ever since the audio leaked, she has been under fire for recording the call and leaking it.

The actress has been forced to clarity issues about the said audio lest Netizens tarnish her image.

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In an Instagram Live video, she admitted to recording the call.

According to Salma Mumin, on that very day, she was with Elikem Kumordzie when Nelson was calling but she decided not to pick because she didn’t understand why the PA of Moesha (someone’s she’s not in talking terms with) would be calling her at a time Moesha is trending for an attempted suicide.


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She said Elikem Kumordzie told her to answer the call and advised her to record it for records sake lest the Nelson guy lie about it in future.

The audio was recorded on July 12, 2021 and only herself and Elikem had it till few days ago when she sent it to Sandra.

Salma Mumin swears the intent wasn’t to record it to shame Moesha and that she isn’t the one who leaked it.

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