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Eddie Khae Fires Kuami Eugene Over Instagram Post

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Ghanaian musician Eddie Khae has taken a shot at Kuami Eugene over Eugene’s Instagram post about Ghanaians being unsupportive.

In Kuami Eugene’s video, he took at shot at his colleague musicians saying the artistes find it difficult to share other artistes’ song or music projects on their social media platforms. According to him, the best his colleagues do is to share the song or music artwork on their Instagram story which vanishes after 24 hours and when they decide to share on their Instagram feed too, they refuse to tag the original artiste thinking tagging the artiste will increase his or her followers on social media.

However, Eddie Khae is mad at Kuami Eugene for not practicing what he preaches and being the first to point fingers. In an interview on “Entertainment Review’’ on Peace FM, Eddie Khae revealed he has composed a song that featured Kuami Eugene but the latter has warned him to remove his vocals from the song saying he does not want to be on the song any more.

“I don’t disagree with the call for support. What I disagree with is why are you saying something you don’t practice. For you to come out that lets all support which is a very good idea. It’s a very good idea; I’m not saying we shouldn’t support ourselves. No! What I’m saying is you, Kuami Eugene saying this, have you done your part? Do you do that? That’s my question to him’’, he said.

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