Ebony Reigns Crucial Advice To Shatta Wale And Stonebwoy Pops Up on Social Media

A video emerging on social media as we commemorate the one-year anniversary of Ebony indicates that the late female dancehall icon actually gave an advice to Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy concerning their beef.

As you all know, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have been fighting for ‘thousands of years’ now.

And it doesn’t even look like they’ll make peace anytime soon.

shatta wale and ebony
shatta wale and ebony

However, one disadvantage of their beef is, fans of both parties keep belittling any notable achievement made by either Shatta or Stonebwoy.

For example, when Stonebwoy gets a nomination at BETs, Shatta Wale fans won’t vote for him and they’ll go ahead to make a whole BETs nomination look like nothing at all.

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Stonebowy fans on the other hand will also call any useful thing from Shatta Wale as trash.

Shatta’s current song, Island is a very good song for listening but you’ll hear Stonebwoy fans saying it’s full of noise.

stonebwoy and ebony
stonebwoy and ebony

Well, Ebony has before her death advised both Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy fans to desist from this.

According to her, any musician from Ghana represents the country as a whole.

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So with our support, they can all go far. So he advice BHIM and SM fans to stop the unnecessary comparison and falsehood.

Watch the video below:

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