Drones To Carry Pregnant Women In Villagaes To Hospitals In Towns Soon – Bawumia Reveals

Government has just rolled out the drones blood delivery which is currently saving lives in the country. This particular initiative will help to reduce the slow movement of emergency items across the country.

However, that is not all. According to the information reaching us from the office of the Vice President, the drones have one extra function which will be started soon.

We have linked up with India to provide us with drones which will be able to lift up pregnant women from villages to hospitals in towns.

The Vice President who is also known as the Economic Messiah revealed that, Government will have to do this because of the bad roads in the villages. Recently, pregnant women will have to be carried like firewoods and transported across rivers before accessing hospitals.

Government has a lot of responsibilities and so we will be fixing the roads but at the moment, women will be airlifted to the hospitals through drones.

Now, what’s your say on this? Is this the right move? Let’s hear from you in the comments.