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Drogba expresses anger after French Doctors suggested testing of covid-19 vaccine in Africa.

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Didier Drogba is calling on African leaders to step-up and protect their citizens against a practice he refers to as deeply racist and demeaning.

The footballer became very angry after watching a live program during which Doctors were deliberating on conducting COVID-19 treatment experiment in Africa

According to them, the test must first be conducted on the continent where people are highly susceptible to the disease due to the lack of masks, proper treatment and obviously, good health systems.

From their statement, the testing of vaccines on humans, especially Africans is a usual practice as they suggested that, this particular experiment should be done like that of HIV was conducted on prostitutes.

Reacting to the Issue, Drogba stated that, Africans must not be taken as human guinea pigs to test any vaccine. He referred to the conversation as totally inconceivable! The Chelsea Talisman expressed this anger on his various social media platforms.

THE SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY: There have been a lot of concerns from Africans and well-meaning people across the world regarding the long-held belief that, Black people, especially Africans have over the years been used as human guinea pigs to further scientific research.

This allegation, though greatly refuted by those accused, seem to be falling in place. There has been a number of alleged experiments on Africans ranging from, the scandalous Tuskegee Syphilis clinical Research, the alleged testing of HIV and Ebola experimental drugs in DR Congo and Zimbabwe, the West Nile experiment, among many others.

Do you think these French Doctors just let the hidden secrete out?

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