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Dr Afari-Gyan finally speaks about the election results

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Former Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Ghana from 1992 to 2012, Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan hosts uncovered that most crushed political gatherings will in general oddball the result of political decision results in view of the gigantic obligations caused. 

As per him, a large portion of these ideological groups go to their agents with guarantees of compensating them in different structures on the off chance that they win the races and are given immense amounts of cash for crusade exercises yet in the improbable occasion they are crushed, they accuse the Electoral Commission of apparatus for the victors.

He clarified that since they might be burdened with obligations, they attempt to discover pardons which incorporates reprimanding the Electoral Commission for their misfortunes.

“I have doubt regarding why they do that, above all else, they gather colossal amounts of cash from individuals with the guarantee that when they win, they will be redressed”.

He added that “On the off chance that you lose, they should discover a method of revealing to them that they lost in light of the fact that the appointive commission bamboozled you or someone destroyed you. that is one factor and the facts demonstrate that they gather gigantic amounts of cash from people, going with it with a wide range of guarantees”.

Talking at a workshop coordinated by the West African Election Observers Network in Accra, Dr Afari Gyan asked why a portion of the ideological groups who themselves realize they have no the slimmest possibility of winning a political race will take part in such acts.



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