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DJ Switch Fully Grown in America.

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The celebrity kid And winner of Talented Kids, DJ Switch who now lives in America has really transformed to a full grown up woman from the little kid DJ switch we knew on television. She currently lives in America where she is continuing her life there and only visits Ghana once a while, I think that’s a brilliant move since she will be opened to more opportunities there and also learn more on her craft considering the fact that, there are some talent when find yourself with in Africa you are likely to deviate from it as the system are not structured to cater for such skills.

DJ switch enjoyed success at a very tender after winning TV3’s Talented kids, she made enough money at the little age to the extent of buying a car for her mother, she performed on so many major shows and mounted major platforms and events to showcase her talent. The DJ is well known for being the youngest DJ to emerge from Ghana.

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