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Deep Powerful Spell To Break All Spiritual Marriage

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Spiritual marriage is very difficult to deal with especially when you don’t know where it comes from or the main demon that is having affair with you. Many spiritualists find it difficult to give solutions to these kind of problems.

Before you put a stop to a spiritual marriage, you should first find out how the victim got it and the type of spirit responsible.

There are many demons who are fun of having sex with human beings, either men or women.

Asmodues is king of Lust, he is one of the the spirits who always love to have sex with humans. He has legions of spirits who work under him who are also into the same act.

Leviathan is a demon of the sea, who controls the sea, and everything in it.

The spirits from the sea are mainly called Marine spirits who also love to have affair with humans, they are very common.

there are a lot of things we do that can cause spiritual marriage, bathing late at night, urinating public places, on the stone, on the trees, at four or three junctions, indecent dressing, late night waking, wearing someone else clothes, shoes, sleepers, exposing waist beads in public etc.

Others are also from family covenants, witches and wizards in ones family.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, please do not panic.

Herbs and mystics is here help you out with great and powerful solution to your spiritual marriage


one olive oil,

one white candle,

one clove of garlic,

parchment paper or white paper

one fresh fish,

now light up the candle and say this,

King of kings, lord of Lords, Adonai of Light, Elohim God, God of the universe in your name I command my spiritual husband that i don’t know, i command you to appear before me and put stop to this relationship between us by the great majesty and the host of heaven, God of Isaac, i put stop to this spiritual marriage now and forever in The mighty name of Jesus, the beloved son of God, King of the universe, Ancient of days, Elohim Saboath, so mote it be,

now put the fish lung into the fire in your room, alow it to burn out

now write this seal on the patchment paper, and at the 4 corners write each of these Psalms in the following order

Psalm 117

Psalm 118

Psalm 119

Psalm 91

anoint the parchment with the oil,

fold it in your hand and say your personal prayers on it. After that use the candle flame to burn the patchment paper into ashes, make sure it is burned down.

Now mix a little of the ashes with a little of the olive oil, a quantity you can use for only 7. Pound the garlic and add it to the oil. Use it to rub your body morning and night and the spirit will depart from you…

Depart the spirit

I NN depart you from my presence oh you my spiritual ex husband or wife, and never return again by the great Majesty, Tetregramaton Saboath, leave from my presence, I command you to put stop to this spiritual relationship between us in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Jehovah shalom, Elohim, Adonai of Light, our path should never cross again, from today I’m not for you again and through this ritual I’m consecrated and free from you forever and ever, leave now, so mote it be.

Offer prayers, tell the Almighty God thank you,



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